Ivy Baker

Australian author. Pursued a late but quite distinguished academic career, gaining a first class degree at the University of Melbourne and winning prizes for the Arts and History. Her first novel Dingo Summer (non-pony) was highly acclaimed. She has since written a handful of other children's books including one pony-related title which is about a Clydesdale horse.

Horse & Pony Books:

(1st UK edition COLLINS 1986)
Reprinted in paperback by Bluegum.
Reprinted in paperback in the UK by Collins
EDITIONS PICTURED: 1st edition, UK paperback edition.
SUMMARY: Julie is worried about Alice, a beautiful Clydesdale horse who is being neglected by her owner, the cranky old Mr. Mullins. Despite being warned to stay off his property, she keeps sneaking there to see Alice. She is heartbroken when Mr. Mullins decides to have the horse destroyed - and horrified when she realises it may have been the result of her illicit visits! Can she make up for this terrible guilt and save Alice?

Collector's Info:
Although not a common title copies can be found without too much trouble in both the UK and Australia. In the UK the paperback edition is by far the easiest edition to find. The first edition is quite hard to find outside of Australia.